Zebra Katz X Print All Over Me

It's alive! The Zebra Katz for Print All Over Me collab has dropped. In the mood for a classic ZK face mask? You got it! Together ZK and I developed the 5 prints and 2 placements that scream the ZK brand. Check out the project for all the details. 

The A-Z of Beyoncé Dance - it's here!

After a few months editing and tweaking I finally dropped my passion project for 2016/17; The A-Z of Beyoncé Dance. This was a pretty huge undertaking as it was pulled together from my network in Brooklyn, as opposed to a big team for a commercial project. But the result has been super fun, the response has been delicious and I'm sure the video will continue to burn up the web for the next few months. 

Holiday Horoscopes

For December 2016's annual review I made some quick and scribbly horoscope illustrations for my gig at Vimeo, silly stuff;

Design Files Vids

For their HP collab The Design Files (great peeps) hit me up to spread some effects and post production magic on their new video series. The 4 videos shot by Sirap and TDF share some crafty ideas for around the home. Check em out;

New Vid: 'Chemical Love' by Animal Feelings feat. Nomi Ruiz

A few months back I directed the video for Animal Feelings' newest single Chemical Love, featuring Nomi Ruiz. The golden clip blends the music, vocals, styling and Nomi's performance to deliver a powerful and evocative clip. Nomi accompanied the clip's release with a fucking amazing essay over at Vice, a must read. 

On the camera was Nathan Lynch and styling by Nomi Ruiz and Ava Sanjurjo.

High Highs - London After The Rain

My latest music video project is now out! It's for the track London After The Rain by High Highs. Featuring my favorite mover and shaker Kai Pai with her friend Ernesto Breton, and on the camera it's Nathan Lynch once again. Artist assist by the angelic Josephine A. Stomann. 

Showreel 2016

Super dooper excited to share my updated showreel with you! Watch here;

'Let Go' Teasers

In preparation for the full video, I created these teasers for Animal Feeling's new track 'Let Go (feat Yulia)'. I love punchy and short previews, plus spots = fun!

Dancers: Elayna Lopez and Richard Kennedy
DP: Nathan Lynch
Producer: Theresa Caffrey
Asst Edit: Tim Kafalas