Prop O'Clock

Always one for a surprise request, Megan Morton recently called in asking for some produce themed props for people to play with at the Delicious Produce Awards. Coloured paper, crafty times, silly snaps and party pics ensured. 

 Could'nt help but give em a go myself. 

Could'nt help but give em a go myself. 

Shoppe Now Open

Just this week I've popped some little products online in my first ever webshop. I'm excited to feature a couple of popular prints there which have been professionally printed and are very wall friendly. There's also a couple of more tactile items there; some adorable embroideries and baby walnut owls. Look I know the owls are silly, but imagine opening that up for your bday, nawwwwww. 

Shetland Pony & Al Medina

At the end of 2013 Newtown Primary School's Shetland Pony invited me to direct their annual music video for the song Al Medina. For the day I prepared pipe cleaner specs, papers crowns and chains, cardboard masks and face paint - all things that would go wild under a black light. The kids went OFF! It was a serious under 10yr old RAVE that trumped birthday parties and blue light discos. I then got busy and crazy editing the video, hopefully this comes out at a few 21st birthdays in another 15 odd years. 

Band Director; Harri Harding
Camera; Cleo Mees
Remix; Klue

Addicted to Paper

For a while now I've been brewing on some ideas to do with paper. Not origami, and not collage - I'm into cutting it. Something about the sharp little shards cutting paper creates really makes me happy and visually goes roaaar. Here's some early playful tests, more to come. 

 Rainbow arrows and  Sexy Sun God  (now sold) 

Rainbow arrows and Sexy Sun God (now sold) 

 Crabby crab crabs! 

Crabby crab crabs! 

A Trip to Canberra - with Megan Morton

The Incas are coming to the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra! To rejoice Megan Morton was invited to style a restaurant setting in their stunning sculpture garden (yep the one with heads in the lily pond and a spooky mist machine). Morty really let Peru out of the bag announcing 'and wait till you see the corn' - enough to make a chandelier-eque hanging centrepiece. Myself, and talents from Morty's team (Sophie The and Francoise Baudet - a very French crowd) were in tow. Over 3 days we spread the love around the site and soaked up all the beautiful goodness that blows in the winds of Canberra.

As a part of my role, I produced this video to capture the props and styling that now live at the National Gallery. A smile ear-to-ear experience! 


The Making of the Tutti Frutti Dance

To celebrate the launch of her new bedding and our overriding love for crazy fun, Rachel Castle gave me the fantastic opportunity to create one of my (signature?) dance clips for her homepage. We filmed it with the help of friends (my film buddy Cleo Mees and Rach's friend and The Studio owner Megan Morton) and then I edited it down to 1 minute of madness! The clip incorporates Rach's aesthetic, graphics, the new prints (bananas! Tutti frutti! Spots!) and my bombastic moves. The song we sourced continued this fast-as-f**k energy giving me something to time the sequences too and helping me hold the audience from beginning to end. The result is bright, fresh, colour packed, well designed, and signature Rachel Castle/Adam France. 

 Click the image to play:

Click the image to play:

New Site, New Stuff!

Welcome one and all to my new squarespace powered website! On top of the polished look, this platform allows me to do a little bit more with a portfolio site – such as a blog, where I can unleash all my mind ramblings. In blog posts I will now be able to elaborate on recent projects and the thought processes behind them. I'll also be able to dive a little deeper into any small side projects I've got on the boil – there's always something silly cooking.