NYC based label Tome have referenced Australian artist Fiona Hall in their recent collection. I was on hand to develop prints that echoed the artist's signature motifs. This is realised in hand drawn, ink painted and digitally composed prints based on sardines and various ferns. 

"Fire" by Animal Feelings goes live!

Dancing, masks, glitter and a thumping beat! All my favourite things in one place! This year while in NYC I've been working with Animal Feelings (aka Oli Chang) to create the videos for his upcoming album. This is my first music video and I'm pretty sure there is going to be a million more to come. 

And when the day was done the team celebrated with a lil dance:

Romance Was Born: Cooee

Several prints I worked on for Romance Was Born at the beginning of 2015 have just hit stores! The prints take inspiration from the art of Linda Jackson and her flair for bold shapes, colour and the Australian bush.  These stunning photos of the prints were taken by Charles Dennington

NYC Here We Go!

It's true! NYC is now home! I've recently settled in Williamsburg and am on the hunt for life adventures. Keen to discover fantastic design, might fine art and crazy craft. If your in the neighbourhood say hi! Who knows what the year has in stall, but thats the whole point. X 

Our Sago comes to life

In 2014 my dear friend Blake Paul Kendall launched a pozible campaign to fund his book Our Sago. The funds were raised and I jumped on board to design the book. The book tells the story of a family of children in the Penan rainforest journeying out with their elders to create sago, a traditional dish. The book is also a first in the Penan language for a community struggling against the industrialisation of their region. Blake helmed the project with such strength, illustrating the pages and getting it made and distributed (600 copies have been hand delivered by him, with hundreds more to go). My role was to compile the pages and get it looking both beautiful and easy to read. (The book was printed on rainforest resistant plastic paper!). I couldn't help but share these beautiful photos by Maya Newell of the fantastic project. 

France Pants X Spenceroni

Fellow creative and 'man about Melbourne town' Spenceroni and I have recently been chatting about creative life. On top of sharing a tonne of advice and artistic vibes, he also joined me in an exquisite pattern challenge - where we sent each other pattern ingredients for the other to complete - in a repeat pattern. I added some multimedia elements and toyed around with colours, while Spencer went crazy happy with my play-doh shapes. Collaboration gold. 

Castle France Strikes Again

It's always magic when I get the chance to do a video for Rachel Castle, and we've just released our latest video that's encouraging you to find your sunny spot this summer. The shoot was a big day at Sydney's Bronte beach and the weather gods were on our side, providing a deep Australian blue sky. Nature had other things in mind for the water though; humungous waves that were guaranteed death on camera. With one of my favourite right hand gals Parris Dewhurst also in front of the camera nothing could go wrong and my longtime collaborator Cleo Mees behind the camera we had a great (slightly sunburnt) day. Check out the vid now in my projects page! 

Chillin' With the NPAA

Recently Nella from the NPAA has opened her own salon! To celebrate we translated the art from my recent Paper Protest exhibition into some hot nails!

Paper Protest

Recently I relished in my love for coloured paper and created a series of paper based works that I themed 'Paper Protest'. The exhibition was a great opportunity to get heavily into the medium and create a series of works that let me explore both techniques and concepts. I've just updated the project to my works page.