Showreel 2018

A quick and spicy taste of my directing, editing, animating, illustrating and motion graphics.


The A-Z of Beyoncé Dance

In recognition of her ongoing legacy, the A-Z Beyoncé dance video pays homage to 26 of Beyoncé’s most iconic dance moments from her dance discography. See the full project here. 


Pain Au Chocolat

Sequins, dancers, the beach, some scribbly animations AND the new Animal Feelings track. Bingo! 


London after the Rain

Music video created for the High High's track London after the Rain. Dancers are Kai Paii andfriend Ernesto Brenton. 


Let Go - Feat Yulia

Music video created for the Animal Feelings' track Let Go. See more of my Animal Feelings projects here. 


Da Da Dance

You miiiiight have gathered that I am inspired by dance. This video is the ultimate TBT, my very first video made for a university assignment.