Project: self directed

In recognition of her ongoing legacy, the A-Z Beyonce dance video pays homage to 26 of Beyonce’s most iconic dance moments from her dance discography. These moves have inspired people from all walks of life to strut, shake and celebrate. The video also challenges people to see how well they know their Beyonce and if they can place all 26 references.


Director - Adam France
Producer - Sebastian Andreassen
DOP - Nathan Lynch
Music - Oli Chang
Lighting - Juliana Bojorquez
Edit & Effects - Adam France
Color Grade - Daniel Orentlicher
Typography - Sebastian Andreassen
Assit - Skye Romuld, Eleny Ramirez
Grip - Kevin Khuel
Stylist - Ross McCallum
Makeup - Tess Kim



Ariel Ash, Alexis Kelley, Viva Soudan, Synead Nichols, Shay Bares, Rebecca Hidalgo, Caroline Garcia, Maja Ho, Davon Chance, Sable Boykin, Sasha Boykin, Jenn Geist, Nina Harcus, Claire Roudabush, Queena Yan, Justin Heim, Lina Lee, Domenic Pellegrini, Tiffany Pilgrim, Quenton Stuckey, Ross McCallum, Andriana Yancho, Olivia Clement, Kai Brown, Kara Bertoncini, Claire Fitzsimmons, Laura Guerra, Ashton Muniz, Adam France, Janine Micheletti, Eleny Ramirez, Christina Brumley