Client: Vimeo

As an in-house brand designer at Vimeo I had my hands on A LOT - email, extensive online campaigns (paid, social, native, performance...), social media, web design, and EVERYTHING in between. This is a selection of the various projects, with Vimeo Live and Vimeo 360 being the biggest products that were launched in 2017. Shoutout to fellow brand designer Zack Davenport and copywriting heroes Rachel Goldberg and Evan Harold who were my creative family on these tasks. 


Vimeo Live


Vimeo 360


Vimeo Filmmaker Campaign


Vimeo x Adobe


I love a good email and have been cracking my whip on the monthly newsletter (19 mill recipients), series based emails (on-boarding email series, upsell email series, business orientated series) and 1-off ad hoc emails (product announcements, event follow ups). Various assets and headers below!