Client: Zebra Katz

In 2016 I met Zebra Katz and we quickly got to work on his debut Print All Over Me collection. After getting to know the ZK brand, aesthetic and his signature energy, Zebra Katz and I carefully developed 5 prints and 2 placements that become the collection. These have then been applied to T-shirts, sportswear, accessories and a custom mask with Print All Over Me's magic manufacturing abilities. The collection screams energy, performance, power, attitude and Zebra F***king Katz!



Creative Director: Zebra Katz

Graphic direction & co-design: Adam France

Collection photographer: Bjorn Jonas Larsson

Motion GIFS photographer: Willem Holz

Coin art collaborator: Ebony Fleur

Mask print collaborator: Eleanor Kibbe

ZK logo designer: Frosti Gnarr



Brikeil Zebub, Adam Radakovich, Lori Michael, AJ The Barber & Zebra Katz